Powerbuilding – Advanced Program



Can you attain elite strength AND an elite physique? With the right program, absolutely. This high level powerbuilding program will help you push your 1 rep maxes on squat, bench, deadlift, and shoulder press. You will also be able to pack on slabs of muscle by completing a hefty amount of bodybuilding work after you complete your strength exercises. Expect to be sore, expect to be tired, but expect to get stronger and more jacked. If you want to wear the title of powerbuilder around your shoulders, this program is for you. For best results, try to stay in a caloric surplus for the duration of the program and make sure you are getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night for optimal recovery.


Key Notes:

  • 6 days per week
  • Split – Push/Pull/Legs/Chest & Back/Arms/Legs
  • Strength & Hypertrophy work done simultaneously (block 1 leans towards muscle building, block 2 is an even balance, block 3 leans mainly into peaking strength)
  • Written for Advanced lifters who require high volumes to progress


Program options (Each is 4 weeks):

  • Block 1 – Accumulation (Building work capacity by adding more sets, reps, or weight)
  • Block 2 – Intensification (Pushing the weights heavier each week)
  • Block 3 – Peaking (Reaching our heaviest weights and tapering for 1 rep maxes)

Additional information


Accumulation – $30, Intensification – $30, Peaking – $30, Buy All – $81