Rock Climber Strength & Conditioning



Strength and endurance are both critical to performance as a climber. Each training session will build on another and assist in keeping you well-rounded, maintaining joint health, and developing strong muscles that have the endurance to keep you on the wall longer.

If you enjoy climbing/bouldering and want to give yourself a quick performance boost, this program is for you.

Key Notes:

  • 3 days per week
  • Full Body Strength + Grip Training + Cardio
  • Supplemental to your climbing sessions
  • Simple and effective!

Program options (4 weeks each):

  • Block 1 – Accumulation (Building work capacity by adding more reps and sets)
  • Block 2 – Intensification (Building intensity by increasing weight and difficulty)
  • Block 3 – Peaking (Building to top end intensities and deloading to peak strength and fitness)

Additional information


Accumulation Block – $30.00, Intensification Block – $30.00, Peaking Block – $30.00, Purchase All – $81