Pre-Written Programs

Whether you are looking to get started on your fitness journey, or progress your way through competitive sports, our program library should have something for your goals. General exercise, hard weight room training, injury protocols, the list goes on. We will be constantly building our library, and look forward to eventually being able to cater to all strength and conditioning needs. If you don’t see a program that fits your goals, you may request what you’d like to see from us by email, and we’ll put it at the top of our to-do list.

Olympic Weightlifting Intermediate

This is a program for weightlifters who have developed the basic technique and strength to progress in the sport, and are ready for a higher level of technical work along with consistent strength and accessory pieces in the week to increase mass and to develop more force production.

Olympic Weightlifting Intermediate Program


Gymnastics Off-Season Beginner (No Equipment)

This program is for those who want to break into beginner gymnastics and move towards intermediate levels of strength and conditioning, preparing the joints for consistent gymnastics training on all events. You will also be working on difficult bodyweight movements and progressions to develop a handstand. If you have no equipment available to you besides a potential household object, this program is perfect for you.

Gymnastics Off-Season Beginner (No Equipment) Program


Strength Training Beginner

This program is for newbies to the gym who want to begin developing strength and size. The program will have you do traditional weight room strength training, and will focus primarily on skill development for compound lifts, as well as building volume in bodybuilding exercises.

Strength Training Beginner Program


Strength Training Beginner - Level 2

This program is for those with a little bit of experience in the gym and are ready to workout 4 days a week. You will perform both compound strength exercises with lower repetitions, and bodybuilding exercises with higher repetitions. This program is incredibly well-rounded and will prepare you to become a true intermediate in strength training.

Strength Training Beginner Level 2 Program


Pec Tear Rehabilitation

This is a 12 week program meant to guide you back to activity and help restore flexibility and strength after a surgical procedure to repair a pectoralis major tendon rupture. The exercises and their accurate timing & placement are based on actual research on proper rehabilitation, as well as anecdotal evidence from Coach Joey’s own experience with a pec repair and fast recovery.

Pec Tear Rehabilitation Program


Strength Training Intermediate

This is the 3rd step in our strength training series. In this introduction to intermediate training, you will begin to appropriately push your limits and utilize new programming techniques that allow for a speedy increase in strength. You will also be hammering at bodybuilding exercises to increase muscle size, increasing your capacity to continue getting stronger as well as keeping your joints healthy and resilient.

Strength Training Intermediate Program


Olympic Weightlifting Beginner

Ah, weightlifting. The strength sport that combines maximal strength with precise skill and mobility. This program will teach you to develop that strength, hone those skills, and build on the flexibility necessary to complete the Olympic lifts. You will learn to snatch, clean, and jerk, while also completing necessary strength work and building mass with bodybuilding accessories so that your capacity for strength can continue to grow.

If you are looking to try your hand at Olympic weightlifting, this is the program for you.

Olympic Weightlifting Beginner Program


Rock Climber Strength & Conditioning - Recreational

Strength and endurance are both critical to performance as a climber. Each training session will build on another and assist in keeping you well-rounded, maintaining joint health, and developing strong muscles that have the endurance to keep you on the wall longer.

If you enjoy climbing/bouldering and want to give yourself a quick performance boost, this program is for you.

Rock Climber Strength & Conditioning Recreational Program