Strength Training Intermediate



This is the 3rd step in our strength training series. In this introduction to intermediate training, you will begin to appropriately push your limits and utilize new programming techniques that allow for a speedy increase in strength. You will also be hammering at bodybuilding exercises to increase muscle size, increasing your capacity to continue getting stronger as well as keeping your joints healthy and resilient.

If you’re looking for a well balanced progression system that will help you improve fast while also keeping you healthy, this program is for you.

Key Notes:

  • 5 days per week
  • Push/Pull/Legs/Upper/Lower split routine
  • Squat, bench, & deadlift performed weekly along with a 1 rep max test week in the intensification and peaking blocks
  • High volume of bodybuilding and accessory work, including core & lower back training

Program options:

  • 4 Week Block 1 – Accumulation (Building work capacity by adding more reps and sets)
  • 4 Week Block 2 – Intensification (Building intensity by increasing weight and RPE)
  • 4 Week Block 3 – Peaking (Building to top end intensities and deloading to test 1 rep maxes)

Additional information


Accumulation Block – $25.00, Intensification Block – $25.00, Peaking Block – $25.00, Purchase All – $67.5