Olympic Weightlifting – Intermediate Program (Strength Focus)



Weightlifting is a very technical sport, but we can’t forget that it’s ALSO a strength sport. This intermediate program will focus on strength development while still progressing the Olympic lifts. The volumes are moderate overall, but the strength work is HEAVY. You will also be doing hard accessory work to help build more muscle. This program is for Weightlifters who feel like their technique is far enough along, and that their Snatch, Clean, and Jerk numbers are bumping up against their strength lift numbers.


Key Notes:

  • 5 days per week
  • Olympic lifts each done 2x per week
  • Squatting & Pulling done 3x per week + heavy accessories
  • For intermediate Weightlifters who need to develop more strength to progress their Olympic lifts


Program options (Each is 4 weeks):

  • Block 1 – Accumulation (Building work capacity by adding more sets, reps, or weight)
  • Block 2 – Intensification (Pushing the weights heavier each week)
  • Block 3 – Peaking (Reaching our heaviest weights and tapering for 1 rep maxes)

Additional information


Accumulation – $25, Intensification – $25, Peaking – $25, Buy All – $67.50