Gymnastics Conditioning – Beginner (No Equipment)



This program is for those who want to break into beginner gymnastics and move towards intermediate levels of strength and conditioning, preparing the joints for consistent gymnastics training on all events. You will also be working on difficult bodyweight movements and progressions to develop a handstand. If you have no equipment available to you besides a potential household object, this program is perfect for you.

Key Notes:

  • 3 days per week
  • Short rest times
  • 1 High intensity interval workout per week
  • reps are strictly prescribed with the option to increase if desired
  • Handstand development

Program Options:

  • 3 Week Block 1 – Accumulation (Building volume and work capacity)
  • 3 Week Block 2 – Intensification (Harder sets, building strength)
  • 3 Week Block 3 – Peaking (More reps each week, hardest training block)

Additional information


Accumulation Block – $10.00, Intensification Block – $10.00, Peaking Block – $10.00, Purchase All – $27.00