Weightlifting Intermediate



This is a program for weightlifters who have developed the basic technique and strength to progress in the sport, and are ready for a higher level of technical work along with consistent strength and accessory pieces in the week to increase mass and to develop more force production.

Key Notes:

  • 5 days per week
  • Daily Olympic lifts – Complexes included
  • Squats AND pulls 3 times per week at multiple intensity ranges
  • Volume early in the week, intensity later in the week

Program options:

  • 4 Week Block 1 – Introduction (Building work capacity and volume)
  • 4 Week Block 2 – Intensification (Focus is on strength and heavier weights)
  • 4 Week Block 3 – Peaking (Building to a 1 rep max in the lifts, with a big deload to finish)

Additional information


Accumulation – $25.00, Intensification – $25.00, Peaking – $25.00, Buy All – $67.00